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pretty girls aren't funny


BSN – Best Shopping Network is a hysterical new comedy series written by Tony Jerris and Shannon K. Dunn, which was a Semi-Finalist in the 2021 Page Turner Screenplay Contest.


The show centers on the mayhem on and off the set of a home shopping network, whose eclectic hosts and wacky crew carry more baggage than is sold on the show! The sparkly set is just tacky enough to keep grandma watching, but solid enough to
say, “We’ve been here for years” -- and so have many of its hosts, including the dapper Kent Keeney.


The shopping audience LOVES Kent, but not nearly as much as he loves himself. Kent also loves pretty women. Problem is, he is married to Lauren. See, they met on the show when Lauren worked as one of the show models, but that was over a
decade ago. Since then, Lauren has been replaced by younger models that undoubtedly Kent has hit on--

She’s now a co-host on the show with Kent, and while they act all lovey dovey when the cameras are rolling, the minute they’re off camera, it’s obvious it’s all an act-- And Lauren refuses to divorce Kent because she enjoys making Kent’s life a living hell.

Add to the mix quirky supporting characters and actual Guest Star celebrities who playing themselves and pitching their brands, and you’ve got a cutting-edge, new sitcom that turns HSN and QVC on their heads!



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